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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Selling Atlanta's children: What has and hasn't changed

The image sticks in my mind: A female defendant is escorted into the courtroom with shackles around her ankles, making it difficult to walk. Dressed in a jail-issued jumpsuit and flip-flops, she ...

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Sex trafficking: The new American slavery

The pathway leading to the dark corners of human trafficking began in the fluorescent-flooded hallways of a Florida middle school.

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Ways to help sex trafficking victims in the U.S.

In the new CNN documentary "Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking," actress Jada Pinkett Smith worked closely with CNN producers to shed light on the growing epidemic of human ...

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7 ways to spot that someone is being trafficked

It's vacation season for much of the world, with travelers flocking to airports to jet off for some hard-earned R&R.

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Can 'Big Data' stamp out human trafficking?

Behind a locked door in a secret location in Washington D.C., workers are patrolling one of the front lines in the war against human trafficking.

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